1300cc Vincent Super Nero

1300cc Vincent Super Nero

Vincent HRD



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About the 1300cc Vincent Super Nero

Super Nero is one of the most iconic machines in British motorcycling history. Built by George Brown for sprinting and record attempts in the Sixties, it was powered by a supercharged Vincent V-twin engine producing an awesome 125bhp. In October 1967 Brown blasted his streamlined creation to a world standing-start mile record at 128.665mph (27.979 seconds) seconds and on Super Nero’s last successful records spree in October 1970, he attached a third wheel on a strut to raise the 1300cc sidecar flying-start mile figure to 128.234mph.


Before campaigning Super Nero, former Vincent employee Brown sprinted Nero, his un-supercharged Vincent. It set a world standing-start kilometre record at 108.735mph (19.479 seconds) in 1959. The Museum is proud to have both machines in its collection.

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