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The Essential Buyers Guide BSA350,441 & 500 Single


The Essential Buyers Guide BSA350,441 & 500 Single

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The Essential Buyers Guide BSA350,441 & 500 Single

Mention British classic bikes of the 1960s, and most will picture the Triumph Bonneville or one of the other big twins built by Triumph, BSA and Norton. These beefy machines had (and still have) speed, glamour and most of the attention. But the BSA factory also turned out thousands of bread and butter bikes: simple four-stroke singles that acted as first bikes for countless learners and (mostly) reliable.

This book is a straightforward, practical guide to buying on of these-a C15, C25.B25.B40,B44 or B50. It wont list the minutiae of every models specification year by year-there are excellent books listed at the end of this one that will do that – but hopefully it will help you avoid buying a dud.

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