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A Rockers Ramblings


A Rockers Ramblings

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Racing in the Street Early Cafe Racer Years 1960-63

Authentic tales of Early 60’s teenage, motorcycle, daring dynamism and all the surrounding capers and comedy. Vividly told with all the passion and humour of the day.

A historic document on the epoch; chronicling the emergence of the Mods, the coining of the word ‘Rocker’, rapidly evolving post war, youth culture.

This story is of a young crowd, hanging out in a café in Morden, South London, on the edge of a vast Council Estate, is illustrated with many photographs of the bikes and the café, fun and games on seaside adventures, racing in the streets of London, scorching down the by-passes at 100 mph plus and general posing.

It spans the years 1960-63 which was a time before there were too many rules. A kid could buy a 650cc motorcycle at 16, tie on some ‘L’ plates and blast off down the highway with fire in his belly and the breeze of glory in his hair.

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