Motorcycle Auctions

The National Motorcycle Museum Auction

powered by H&H Classics

The National Motorcycle Museum hosts three dedicated motorcycle auctions per year (spring, summer & autumn) which are facilitated by our auction partner H&H Classics.

Wednesday 27th March 2024

Wednesday 3rd July 2024

Wednesday 30th October 2024

Why sell your classic motorcycle via the National Motorcycle Museum auction?

H&H Classics have over 30 years specialist experience of selling classic motorcycles & cars and our very much leader’s in their field. The National Motorcycle Museum is one of the most prestigious venues in the world in which to hold a motorcycle auction. This combination of specialist experience and prestigious venue attracts buyers from all around the world which guarantees sellers the very best results.

Founded in 1993, H&H Classics have been continuously trading longer than any UK rival and now have over 60,000 clients worldwide so  you can be assured that we will market your lot to the best of our abilities.

It may be that you have inherited a motorcycle and you don’t know its value, or you simply want to attain the very best price for your rare or unusual bike. This is why selling at the National Motorcycle Museum auction can be so beneficial as the amount of interested  buyers that see your machine on auction day, or on-line, is second to none!

How does it work?

Selling at auction can be daunting if you haven’t done it before but we make to process super simple!



Discuss your Lot(s) with one of our specialists and agree a reserve price, where applicable, we are happy to come to you, personal service is important to us!

What we charge in entry fees does not cover the costs of staging an auction. Therefore, we do not consign lots just for the sake of building numbers. We have no wish to waste your time or ours but want to work with you to achieve a mutually beneficial result.

Our specialists will always give you their honest opinion as to what they believe a Lot will fetch under the hammer.

And don’t forget, just because your agreed reserve price has been met, it doesn’t mean the bidding will stop!


Complete an entry form with your details, information about the Lot(s), and your agreed Reserve price (if any). Extra information sheets can be included if necessary or sent via email.

Return the completed form along with a copy of the V5/C and MOT (where applicable) and payment of the entry fee.


Deliver your Lot(s) to the National Motorcycle Museum on the allocated set-up day, this is typically one day prior to the auction date.

Once in our possession, we will take care of positioning and our team will give your Lot(s) an exterior clean ready for public viewing (if applicable).

Should you be unable to deliver in person, we can take care of this ourselves or via our preferred transport agents who are able to offer delivery and storage services.

You don’t have to worry about transport, we can offer any number of options that completely remove all the hassle. This can be as comprehensive a ”door to door” service as pushing the Lot/s out of your garage, to having them placed into the auction room ready to sell!


Although you are not required to attend, we always recommend you are contactable on the both the viewing and auction day should we need to speak to you about your Lot(s).

If you cannot make it in person, you can always access a live video feed of the auction via the H&H Classics website.


Following the successful sale of your Lot(s), H&H Classics pay out via bank transfer just 14 days after receipt of cleared funds from the buyer.


For more details and further information e-mail or call the National Motorcycle Museum on 01675 444123