What Our Visitors Say

Visited the museum today; what a brilliant day….as always.

Bike presentation standard in the museum and the catering arrangements for snacks and lunches were excellent. Also great to see so many familiar faces.

My wife came with me today, which is a rare event and she really enjoyed it. I’ll soon be back.

Well done to the team.

Bob Jolley – Friend of the Museum
Visited May 2021

I took part in the first “Try a Classic day”.

It was absolutely brilliant, so thank you to all staff who set up and ran it. The staff’s attitude and help to all us was on the day was second to none.

It was like being a child in a sweet shop , I doubt I would ever own such bikes so to be able to ride them made myyear.

Many museums treat their friends groups just as a funding stream, not you guys!

You guys should be leading the way for other museum’s on how to make a museum work and accessible to the public.

I should know I worked in several museum’s for 20 years.

Many thanks
Paul Graham
Visited April 2016

Thank you so much for providing the opportunity to ride some of the Museum’s motorcycles last Saturday.

It was a privilege to be able to sample such a varied collection of machines and it was a highlight of my 50 years of motorcycling. To walk across the car park and ride a Brough SS100 followed by a Vincent Black Shadow was absolutely amazing.
Thanks must also go to your team of restorers who prepared the motorcycles to such a high standard and were on hand to help after the inevitable stalls. It is to their credit that all the machines were still running at the end of the afternoon despite spending most of their time in first gear.

I had a wonderful time and judging by the smiles on the faces of fellow riders, and my jaw ache after so much smiling, the event was a huge success.

Unfortunately, my phone/camera was not as well prepared as the motorcycles so I was unable to take any photos or record the make and model of the motorcycles. I did notice a photographer who was there for most of the session and wonder if he is affiliated to the Museum and if it is possible to purchase photographs from him? Also whether there is a list of the machines that were provided?

My favourite machine on the day? That wonderful jewel of a BSA Sloper; that’s the one I would take home!

Once again, a huge thanks to the Museum for a truly unforgettable experience, which I hope to repeat.

Yours sincerely,
Steve Kilbey
Visited March 2016

Saturday afternoon was really enjoyable.

Just to say thanks very much indeed for the opportunity to try such a range of interesting bikes, even just round the car park. especially those which one would be most unlikely to get chance to ride under any other circumstances.

The whole team were helpful to a fault and patient with those, like myself, who have never started or ridden a belt-driven, clutch-less, single gear machine before.

Whilst not losing sight of the ride being just round the car park and in first or second gear at pedestrian pace, it was interesting that so many very famous makes and models were not particularly easy to ride, but the Sunbeam and the Velocette stood out as just simply pleasant and usable. A real credit to their restoration and upkeep.

Trust not too much post-event adjustment was required…

Looking forward to future events, perhaps a longer acquaintance on the roads.

With kind regards,
Peter Crofts
Visited March 2016

This is just a note to say again how much I enjoyed the chance to ride these wonderful machines on Saturday at the “ride a classic” day. What a marvellous opportunity and one I will remember for a long time.

Thanks again
Ian Soady
Visited March 2016

Whilst restoring my BSA Bantam, I decided to make a visit to the NMM for inspiration. I found numerous models practically identical to mine – and the staff were so helpful.

I even manage to obtain an original manufacturers manual from the BMS catalogue whilst I was there!
Jeff Smith
Visited December 2014

I have visited the National Motorcycle Museum several times now, both on my own and with my family. I was amazed at how many bikes were on display and how many different manufacturers bikes there were. We spent the day at the museum and enjoyed a delicious lunch at the café where the staff were lovely and helpful.
Michael Canavan
Visited January 2015