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In 1999 Triumph was about to make a big leap into the world of  600cc race-replica middleweights, a class that had almost superseded the 750cc super sports bikes.

Triumph were trying hard with the TT, being only the second manufacturer to fuel-inject a 600cc road bike. Whilst the early bikes suffered from glitches with the fuel injection performance, there was a lot to love. With lots of high-quality suspension and brake components, the chassis and brakes on the TT 600 were sublime, gaining much praise in the motorcycling press. Later fuelling fixes to the fuel-injection system helped to make up for a lack of bottom end power and some classy colour schemes made the TT a distinctive machine which set it apart from its Japanese competitors.

The machine shown here is a pristine and utterly original example of one of the first machines made in 2000. The bike has been kindly donated by our great friend John Moore, who has restored a number of machines in the collection and is an expert on Military machines as well as “Hinckley” Triumphs.

Take a look in Hall 4 once we re-open!

Triumph TT600

Triumph TT600