Collecting Policy


The National Motorcycle Museum collection is 100% British only & actively collects items of all types to help increase the Museum’s inventory.

Our collection policy focuses on  material & motorcycles  relevant to, or manufactured by, the British motorcycle industry.

The collection also includes motorcycles and material relating to all types of motorcycle sport with a British connection.

The collection is managed by the Museum team and looked after by our three mechanics who maintain the running collection & restore and conserve motorcycles for display.

The oldest machine in the collection dates from 1898 & with an increasingly successful & resurgent British Motorcycle industry the collection also includes machines manufactured during recent years. We are pleased to work closely with current British manufactures like Triumph & Norton with reference to their proud manufacturing history.

We are happy to share our knowledge with both private individuals, heritage groups, clubs & other bodies.

For any enquiries about the Museum Collection email or call 01675 443311