Coventrys Bicycle Heritage


Coventrys Bicycle Heritage

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Coventrys Motorcycle Heritage by Damien Kimberley.

Considering that Coventry was the birthplace of the British cycle industry, it is perhaps no surprise that the city became heavily involved in the development of the British motor industry in the mid-1890s. From the velocipedes built in the city in 1868, most of the well-established cycle manufacturers quickly turned their attention to motorized vehicles, and many of the early motoring pioneers, including Humber, Triumph, and Coventry Eagle, moved to Coventry to become part of this revolutionary work. Local firms including Bayliss, Thomas & Co., Hillman, Riley, and Swift were just a few of the cycle firms to catch on, and steadily, new companies were formed solely to manufacture motorcycles. This book covers the history of Coventry's motorcycle companies and their products, focusing on the people who both founded and worked for such firms. From world-famous companies like Triumph, to the more obscure marques like Wartnaby and Draper, it provides a brief summary of each manufacturer, as well as an insight into the social history of Coventry at the peak of its involvement in motorcycle history. It is sure to appeal to anyone interested in motorcycle history and Coventry's industrial past.

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