Norton Commando The Complete Story – Hardcover


Norton Commando The Complete Story – Hardcover

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Norton Commando: The Complete Story (Crowood Motoclassic Series) by Matthew Vale.

The Commando was the main bike in Nortons range from 1968, and was produced until the demise of Norton Villers Triumph in 1977. The bike featured the unique Isolastic system that rubber-mounted the engine and protected the rider from the twin-cylinders vibrations. The model range provided the rider with a choice of touring and sporting models, as well as offering special police machines and off-the-shelf production racers. Commandos feature strongly in todays classic scene, and offer excellent performance and spares availability, as well as a vast range of improvements and updated components. This book looks at the history and development of the Commando, gives the specifications and outlines the model changes, and also offers the riding experiences of past and present owners. In addition there is a blow-by-blow account of the authors restoration of a 1971 750cc model that had been re-imported into the UK from America needing a complete rebuild.

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