Vespa The Story of a Cult in Pictures


Vespa The Story of a Cult in Pictures

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Vespa The Story of a Cult Classic in Pictures by Gunther Uhlig (Hardcover)

Eighteen million Vespas have buzzed their way into the world since 1946. Stood end to end, they would form line measuring 32.000 km – 20.000 miles – in length.

This is an almost inconceivable statistic, as with many things that transcend conventional measures and at some point achieve cult status.

How did the little machine come so far? The answer is simple. The Vespa has always remained the Vespa, true to itself, and has what others lack: real character!

This book uses over 420 colour photos to tell the Vespas story, corrects many misconceptions, and lets the reader become immersed in the culture of Vespa and La Bella Vita.

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