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Motorcycle Manuals & Technical Literature

We specialise in producing black and white photocopy sets of manufacturer’s original technical literature that is no longer in print.

We have available to purchase copies of BSA Workshop Manuals, BSA Illustrated Spare Parts Lists, BSA Sales Catalogues, BSA Instruction Books and many others.


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BSA Workshop Manuals

Generally introduced after 1940 mainly for use in army workshops. After WW2, all of the major manufacturers began to publish these for use in dealerships.

A BSA Workshop Manual aims to provide comprehensive service information to enable basic maintenance or major repair work to be carried out.

The BSA Workshop Manual is divided into sections, each dealing with a major assembly. These are then also sub-divided into the individual operations required for maintenance or repair.

The BSA Workshop Manual is designed and laid out in such a way that it doesn’t matter whether you are a newcomer or seasoned professional, you will still find it informative and useful.


BSA Instruction Manuals

The BSA Instruction Manual should be used in conjunction with the workshop manual and spare parts list when major overhauls are planned.

The National Motorcycle Museum has copies of BSA Instruction Manuals for models manufactured between 1911 and 1973.  Browse our collection to find the manual for your BSA motorcycle.


BSA Illustrated Spare Parts Lists

A BSA Illustrated Spare Parts List is the go-to guide for all of the parts that when combined make the BSA motorcycle.  The guide is very helpful when searching for missing or replacement parts.  Helpfully broken down into key areas, the BSA Illustrated Spare Parts List can be used by the newcomer to restoring bikes or the professional.

Sometimes containing illustrated diagrams using “exploded” drawings, all of the parts are listed according to their numbered location on the drawing and their part numbers are included.  This makes finding the part name and number a relatively easy process.

The National Motorcycle Museum has black and white photocopy sets available to purchase for a huge variety of models.


BSA Sales Catalogues

The BSA Sales Catalogue was usually published annually.  The point of the publication was to illustrate every model in the range for the coming year and provides useful specifications of the major components.

The BSA Sales Catalogue usually comprised of illustrations, details and prices of models in their complete range.  They also sometimes featured illustrations, details and prices of some of the sidecars they offered at the time.


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