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Motorcycle Manuals & Technical Literature

If you are looking for out of print technical literature relating to your classic Francis Barnett motorcycle, then look no further. The National Motorcycle Museum in conjunction with Bruce Main Smith Ltd have a huge range of black and white photocopy sets available for purchase through our online shop.

Whether you are looking for a Workshop Manual, Instruction Manual, Spare Parts list or Sales Catalogue, we have all of the technical literature you may need for Francis Barnett motorcycles spanning a large number of years.


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Francis Barnett Workshop Manuals

The Francis Barnett Workshop Manual is a vital addition to the toolkit of anybody that has an interest in restoring and repairing motorcycles. It provides all of the technical information needed to allow the mechanical components of the motorcycle to be worked upon. It is broken down into the same main operating components that the bike would have been assembled in. This makes if very logical and easy to understand regardless of experience level.

The Francis Barnett Workshop Manual can be used in conjunction with the Illustrated Spare Parts list to help to diagnose and repair faults with the Francis Barnett motorcycle. It is written in a way that it is useful regardless of your knowledge level.


Francis Barnett Instruction Manuals

The Royal Enfield Instruction Manual is designed to help the motorcycle owner operate their motorcycle the correct way and advises on how to maintain the motorcycle to the highest standards.  The Royal Enfield Instruction Manual also provides safe riding tips and informs how to make minor adjustments to the motorcycle to ensure it is kept in top condition.

The National Motorcycle Museum has many Royal Enfield Instruction Manuals available.  These can be found in the online shop where a black and white photocopy can be purchased.


Francis Barnett Illustrated Spare Parts Lists

The Francis Barnett Illustrated Spare Parts Lists is a very useful guide to all of the working parts in a Francis Barnett motorcycle. It is broken down into the main operating components of the motorcycle making it easy to follow and should aid in determining any parts that may need replacing without any guesswork. This in the long term would hopefully help to save money when replacing parts. The lists are also useful as they include all of the part numbers which will help when sourcing replacement parts.

You can purchase; black & white photocopy sets of the Francis Barnett Illustrated Spare Parts lists available for many different years of manufacture from the National Motorcycle Museum online shop.


Francis Barnett Sales Catalogues

The Francis Barnett Instruction Manuals feature all of the necessary information needed for the day to day maintenance of the motorcycle. This includes basic operating instructions to ensure you get the most from your bike. The instruction manual will also advise of all of the technical data needed to ensure the bike is kept in the best possible condition.

The Francis Barnett Instruction Manual is written in a way that it is useful regardless of whether you are an amateur motorcycle owner or a seasoned professional. Written in a logical format, it is an essential addition to any Francis Barnett motorcycle owner’s collection.


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