Triumph Motorcycle Technical Literature



Motorcycle Manuals & Technical Literature

The National Motorcycle Museum is able to reproduce black and white photocopy sets of manufacturer’s original technical literature that is no longer in print from its extensive archive of Bruce Main-Smith technical literature.

We have available copies of Triumph Workshop Manuals, Triumph Illustrated Spare Parts Lists, Triumph Sales Catalogues, Triumph Instruction Books and many others.


Workshop Manuals

The Triumph Workshop Manual has been compiled and prepared to provide the necessary service information for specialist mechanics or the amateur bike owner wishing to carry out basic maintenance and repairs on their Triumph motorcycle.

The Triumph Workshop Manual is divided into sections dealing with major assemblies throughout the machine. Each section is sub-divided into a sequenced order corresponding to the normal order of a strip-down, examination and rebuilding procedure.


Instruction Manuals

The Triumph Instruction Manual is packed with valuable instructions, information and answers relating to the general operation and maintenance of a Triumph Motorcycle.

This bike bible can tell you just about everything you need to know about riding, maintaining and caring for your Triumph. With plenty of illustrations and exploded engine views, the Triumph Instruction Manual is a must have for all Triumph Motorcycle owners.


Illustrated Spare Parts

A Triumph Illustrated Spare Parts Lists are fully comprehensive lists of all of the parts you will find in a Triumph motorcycle. Featuring exploded drawings, each part is numbered in order of assembly, each named part has its part number listed which is very helpful when searching for replacement parts.

The National Motorcycle Museum has black and white photocopy sets of Triumph Illustrated Spare Parts Lists available to purchase for a huge variety of models of Triumph motorcycles.


Sales Catalogues

The Triumph Sales Catalogue was published annually to inform everyone of its product range for the upcoming year. They are comprised of illustrations, details and prices of all of the models in their complete range.

The Triumph Sales Catalogue is the perfect collectable accompaniment to your Triumph motorcycle, it will provide you with the history of the origins of your motorcycle


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