Velocette Motorcycle Maintenance Literature


Motorcycle Manuals & Technical Literature

The National Motorcycle Museum in conjunction with Bruce Main-Smith Ltd have available to purchase through the museum online shop, black and white photocopy sets of the technical literature produced by the manufacturers of many of the classic motorcycles. The technical literature includes Workshop manuals, Instructions manuals, Illustrated Spare Parts lists and Sales catalogues


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Velocette Workshop Manuals

The Velocette workshop manual is the essential go to guide for any Velocette owner or enthusiast who is repairing or refurbishing their motorcycle. Designed to be followed in a logical manner, the manual is split into the various main components of the motorcycle and details all of the technical information required to determine if the parts are working correctly. It is designed that even the novice motorcycle owner will find the manual easy to use and understand.

The Velocette Workshop manual also aids in the diagnosis of problems by listing possible faults found, lubrication troubles or engine noises. This can help solve problems quicker and potentially save having to buy unnecessary parts.


Velocette Instruction Manuals

The aim of the Velocette instruction manual is to allow the owner or keeper of the motorcycle to keep it in first-class running order by detailing how to correctly carry out adjustments and repairs. These are the routine maintenance operations that should be carried out on a regular basis to ensure the motorcycle is kept in top condition. They also contain the technical data needed for daily operation.

The Velocette Instruction manual is also detailed on how to operate and ride the Velocette motorcycle safely. Understanding these instructions will allow you to get the most out of your classic motorcycle and ensure it runs efficiently and effectively. Have a look at our online store today and find the instruction manual for your classic Velocette motorcycle.


Velocette Illustrated Spare Parts Lists

The Velocette Illustrated Spare Parts list is designed to be used in conjunction with the Workshop manual as an aid to identify and replace parts. With the parts broken down into separate sections making it a logical and easy format to follow. All parts are recorded by part number in the order in which you would come across them. Some of the lists also feature exploded diagrams making it even easier to work out the exact part you need. This list should prevent unnecessary expense by preventing the wrong parts being purchased.

The Velocette Illustrated Spare Parts lists are available to purchase from the National Motorcycle Museum as black and white photocopies.


Velocette Sales Catalogues

The Velocette Sales catalogues are very useful if you are keen to learn more about the history of your classic motorcycle. Produced annually, the Sales catalogues were the manufacturer’s way of launching the range of motorcycles and accessories that would become available in the upcoming year. These often include illustrations of the motorcycles, prices, details of specific features the motorcycle may have and if there was a compatible side-car for the bike.


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