24in24 Team visit the NMM

Following a visit to the Triumph Factory last Friday 23rd February, the 24in24 team headed to the National Motorcycle Museum.
We were met by James Hewing, Museum Director – and following a quick chat, we were encouraged to go and explore the facility.
The sight that met us when we entered the first hall was astounding. Gleaming machines, shiny chrome, nickel plate, copper, and brass. Bright paintwork, leather, and wicker. Yes wicker.
It’s a walk through the history of British motorcycling. From the start of the 20th Century up to present day. From the practical to the follies and flights of fantasy of builders and dreamers.
Legendary winning bikes from legendary races, ridden by legendary riders. They sit alongside their humbler counterparts perfectly. All sleeping but ready to roar into life, given the opportunity. These machines are alive. They have such character and personality. It was a real privilege to have the chance to see them up close.
Following our tour, we met again with James, and he kindly offered to donate 2 Family Annual Memberships to the Aviators’ Ball Charity Auction in November.
This is yet another example of the motorcycling community getting behind us and we are really grateful for all the support.
Wayne, Richard, Harvey, Shaun.
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