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For couples planning an orthodox Greek wedding, there really is something truly beautiful about the abundance of symbolic traditions available to choose from for your big day.

There’s the huge guest list, making the marital bed, dressing the couple (koumbaro and koumbara), the wedding crowns, good luck symbols, blessing of the rings, candles and the common cup. Not to mention the readings, obviously the bonbonniere and the Zeibekiko. Most importantly pinning money to the bride and grooms’ clothes and the plate smashing although as a Venue we don’t recommend the last one!!!


Here at the National Motorcycle Museum we specialise in Greek weddings, so let’s take a look at just one of the main Greek wedding traditions…

The Date Matters

In Greek Orthodox tradition, there are certain dates throughout the year that are considered good luck to marry on and others that should be avoided at all costs.

The months of January and June are considered very good months for marriage. This links back to the Ancient Greeks, where January was the month dedicated to the wife of Zeus and to the goddess of marriage and fertility, Hera. June also became a special month after the Romans translated Hera to Juno and dedicated the sixth month of the year to her.

Having said the date matters, here at the National Motorcycle Museum, we are taking wedding bookings NOW for 2021, 2022 and 2023 so if you have a special date in mind it’s best to get it booked early.

So please call our friendly Wedding Specialist today on: 0121 704 2784 or e-mail and we will help you make the wedding of your dreams!


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