The Trident 660 enters the middleweight roadster category with an exciting all new motorcycle designed to deliver three significant advantages.


From its unique triple engine performance advantage, to its class-leading technology and handling, and its incredibly competitive price, the Trident 660 introduces a whole new dimension to a new generation of Triumph riders.


  • A whole new dimension of fun, performance and style
    • Joining Triumph’s award-winning Roadster line up, home of the category defining Street Triple RS, Speed Triple RS, and Moto2 race engine programme
    • The Trident 660 combines triple engine performance, pure and minimalistic lines, and class-leading technology to deliver pure riding pleasure


  • Triple engine performance advantage
    • Perfect combination of punchy linear power and torque, low down
    • and across the whole rev range
    • 81PS peak power @ 10,250rpm and 64Nm peak torque @ 6,250rpm, plus 90% of peak torque available across most of the rev range
    • Slip and assist clutch
    • Unique triple sound
    • A2 licence conversion kit available


  • Class-leading technology, fitted as standard, class leading features:
    • Road and Rain riding modes
    • Switchable traction control (integrated into the riding modes)
    • Ride by wire throttle


  • High specification features include:
    • All-new multi-functional instruments with colour TFT display, with Accessory fit “My Triumph” Connectivity System
    • All-LED lighting
    • ABS


  • High specification, premium branded equipment, including:
    • Showa upside down forks and Showa preload adjustable monoshock RSU
    • Nissin brakes with twin 310mm discs
    • Michelin Road 5 tyres


  • Class-leading handling
    • Sporty, agile and dynamic confidence-inspiring ride
    • All-new chassis, with comfortable ergonomics and 805mm seat height
    • Lightweight 189kg “wet weight”


  • Unique character and distinctive style
    • Original British design
    • Pure, minimalistic form, with distinctive silhouette, clean lines and Triumph’s design DNA
    • Four stylish and contemporary colour scheme options
    • 45 dedicated Trident accessories


  • Incredible value
    • Competitive price, starting at just £7,195
    • Unbeatable low cost of ownership and service costs
    • The lowest service workshop time in the category
    • Class-leading 10,000miles/16,000km service interval
    • Global 2 year unlimited mileage warranty


Available in Triumph dealerships from late January 2021.
The all-new Triumph Trident 660 marks the beginning of a new chapter for the Triumph Roadster segment and competes in what is now one of the most dynamic and exciting categories in motorcycling. Its minimal design, combined with class-leading technology and a new 660cc triple powertrain, constitute the perfect combination for a new generation of riders to enter the Triumph world, with a motorcycle that provides class leading riding agility, thrilling performance, enhanced by state-of-the-art safety features, and an iconic and modern British design.



The new 660 triple engine delivers all the character and performance advantages of a triple to the middle-weight category for the first time, and has been developed specifically for the Trident with 67 new components and a unique torque and power rich tune.

The best of all worlds
The Trident rider will experience the perfect balance of low-down torque, mid-range and top-end power, with the triple’s signature smooth, responsive and linear delivery. The result is an engine that has been designed to combine the low down and mid-range of a twin, with the top end performance of a four-cylinder engine, to deliver a major performance advantage with the
best of all worlds.

Trident power and torque
The all-new 660 triple engine has been designed for maximum performance usability in everyday conditions thanks to its perfectly balanced character.

All Trident riders will benefit from a punchy and linear power and torque delivery, with peak power of 81PS at 10,250 rpm and over 90% of the maximum torque being available across most of the rev range, peaking at 64Nm at 6,250rpm.
A2-compliance kit

An A2-compliant accessory kit is available inclusive of A2-specific APS twist grip and a dedicated engine tune. The A2-compliant engine configuration limits the peak power to 47.8PS at 8,750rpm and 51Nm at 5,250 rpm. Dealers can de-restrict the bike back to full power once the rider passes their full licence.
Stylish Silencer: Distinctive Triple Sound

Thanks to the new stylish underslung silencer, the Trident 660 has been designed to also be the new best sounding bike in the category. The single sided silencer emits a deep and crisp engine sound, delivering a distinctive Triumph triple character.
Effortless Performance

The Triumph Trident has a 6-speed gearbox with gear ratios and final drive optimized to suit the Trident’s all round dynamic riding capability and reliability. These characteristics are further enhanced by the slip and assist clutch with a new span-optimised clutch lever, providing a light action to reduce the rider’s fatigue and making it ideal for urban riding. For even smoother and sportier riding styles, a Triumph shift assist up-&-down quickshifter is available as an accessory, which enables the rider to upshift and downshift without engaging the clutch.



With a set-up and specification designed to set a new benchmark for handling, the new Trident delivers a confidence-inspiring, agile and fun ride, with a light steering weight, low seat height and slim width. Combining a wet weight of just 189kg, all-new tubular steel chassis, an ergonomic set-up designed to suit both experienced and new riders, lightweight 17’’ aluminium spoke wheels and tapered aluminium bars, the Trident is as great to ride as it is to look at.

Comfortable and accessible ergonomics
The Trident’s chassis and riding position has been designed to feel comfortable but also to be engaging for the rider – with a narrow width, confidence-inspiring stand over position and a low 805mm seat height that allows most people to get their feet flat on the floor at a standstill, but without feeling cramped when riding. The seat has also been designed with both rider and pillion needs in mind, with a deep foam construction providing comfort for both without compromising on the bike’s style. Pillion grab handles are available as an accessory to further improve the passenger’s comfort and, at the same time, to enhance the Trident’s ergonomics and style.
Premium branded components
The Trident handles every road smoothly thanks to its premium Showa suspension set-up.
On the front the bike is equipped with Showa upside down separate function forks giving 120mm front wheel travel, while on the rear the Trident features the Showa preload adjustable monoshock rear suspension unit with linkage. With preload adjustability of the rear suspension and 133.5mm rear wheel travel, the Trident has been set-up to carry a pillion rider whilst maintaining its outstanding handling and exciting riding experience.
The handling performance is enhanced further by the leading characteristics of the Michelin Road 5 tyres, fitted as standard, which deliver outstanding grip and provide confidence in both wet and dry conditions. A tyre pressure monitoring system is also available as an accessory.


To complete the Trident’s advanced set-up the Nissin braking system provides outstanding stopping power from 2-piston Nissin sliding front calipers with twin lightweight 310mm discs on the front, and single piston Nissin rear caliper on the rear disc.

Further enhancing its incredible value for money and class leading safety set-up the Trident features an unparalleled standard of rider focused technology.
Multi-functional instruments with TFT display

The Triumph Trident is equipped with an elegantly styled all-new dashboard providing the rider with all necessary information in a compact, clean and uncluttered style through a colour TFT screen integrated with a crystal clear ‘white-on-black’ LCD display. The instruments, when implemented with the dedicated My Triumph Connectivity System accessory module, can also provide turn-by-turn navigation, GoPro control and phone and music control, all via Bluetooth, using the handlebar mounted switch cubes.
Category-leading standard fit electronics

Designed to deliver maximum riding pleasure and confidence the new Trident comes fitted as standard with three class leading technology features: with 2 riding modes, adjustable traction control and ride-by-wire. The ‘Road’ and ‘Rain’ riding modes enhance the rider’s confidence, control and safety through the electronic adjustment of both the throttle map and traction control. The adjustment of the throttle map is made possible by the ride-by-wire technology that provides
crisp and precise throttle response. The power of the 660 Triple Engine is managed by the switchable traction control, integrated in both riding modes, and this can also be disengaged directly through the instrument menu. Additionally, the power of the Nissin braking system is made even smoother and safer thanks to ABS, which the Trident 660 also features as standard.


All-LED lighting

The all-new Trident 660 features a new 7’’ full LED headlight, exclusively designed for this model with a premium Triumph badge incorporated in it. The lighting system continues with a beautifully integrated LED tail-light that also has a Triumph badge integrated into it, and LED indicators which are self-cancelling. Accessory fit scrolling indicators are also available, adding additional style and modern sophistication to the Trident’s look.
Accessory fit technology

The high level of standard equipment and technology the Triumph Trident 660 can be further enhanced through the dedicated Trident accessory range that will be available at all Triumph dealers. Riders can add internally-wired heated grips to enhance cold weather riding and install an under-seat USB charging socket. Depending on the market, the bike can be fitted also with
an alarm, or tracker with 24/7 monitoring system

The new Trident 660 introduces a unique contemporary Triumph roadster style and character with a pure, minimalist stance and clean lines, bringing together Triumph’s iconic design DNA, with more than a hint of our Speed Triple’s muscular poise.


Unique Trident features

The distinctive look of the new Triumph Trident 660 is characterised by a host of unique features including a 14L fuel tank, with a new contemporary design style and Triumph’s signature knee cut-outs. Lightweight cast aluminium five-spoke wheels add an aggressive look to the bike thanks to their black sporty design. The Trident’s elegant new swingarm and clean and light rear design amplifies the distinctive styling with a minimal number plate hanger integrated with the rear indicators.
Four contemporary colour schemes

The Trident will be available in four striking colour schemes.

    Arguably the most sophisticated scheme combining Silver Ice and Diablo Red bodywork with a bold graphic Triumph logo on the tank
    The darkest looking of all colour schemes; with a bold graphic Triumph logo on the tank
    White bodywork enriched with Diablo Red lines and Jet Black decals
    Black bodywork, enriched with Diablo Red and Aluminium Silver decals

Exceptional fit and finish

As with every Triumph motorcycle, the attention to detail and finishing has been crafted to set the benchmark for quality. From the body coloured radiator cowls, to the sculptured aluminium yokes, body coloured fork protectors, tapered aluminium handlebars and teardrop shape mirrors, the Trident’s detailing, quality and finish is outstanding.


Premium branding

The presence of both Triumph iconic brand logo and the “Trident” name has been flawlessly incorporated into the design of the Trident. Premium Triumph logos can be found on both the headlight and tail-light and also elegantly displayed on the instrument interface and the machined fuel filler cap. In addition, on the side of the tank, an aluminium Trident badge with diamond machined detailing reinforces the style and quality of this all-new model.
45 Dedicated Accessories

Trident customers will be able to further enrich their motorcycle specification through a selection of dedicated Trident accessories to personalise their bike and add even more performance, practicality and style. Including frame protectors, a body coloured fly screen, aluminium belly pan  bar-end mirrors, heated grips, shift assist up-&-down quickshifter and luggage, all of the 45 options available have been designed alongside the Trident and come with a 2 year unlimited milage warranty.



The Trident not only comes with class-leading technology, category-redefining rideability and a new Triumph iconic style, but it also brings an incredible value and a cost of ownership among the lowest in the premium motorcycle market.

The lowest service workshop time in the category
Over a 3 year service timeframe the Trident requires the lowest level of workshop time in the category, with 8.3 total hours compared to a range of 11 hrs to 15.8 hrs total required by its closest competitors, making the Trident service requirements 25% more cost effective.

This information is based on official service activity timings and includes: 600 miles 1st service, three annual services, fitting a full set of brake pads, a new chain and new sprocket, and one full brake fluid change.

Class leading 10,000 miles / 16.000 km service interval
The new Trident 660 comes with a class-leading service interval, which at 10,000 miles / 16,000 km is between 25% and 65% higher than the main competitors in the middle-weight roadster category – delivering incredible value to the customer and a much lower ongoing cost of ownership.

2 Year unlimited mileage warranty
Offered on all Triumph motorcycles and accessories across the world, Triumph’s 2 year unlimited mileage warranty provides owners peace of mind whatever Triumph they ride and where ever they go. And extended 1 or 2 year Triumph warranty is also available in all countries which offers even more reassurance and support.

Steve Sargent – Chief Product Officer
“What we wanted with the new Trident 660 was to give the riders in this really exciting middleweight roadster world all of the things they want from their bike, with a genuine set of real advantages that set a new benchmark for choice. From the competitive price, to the triple power and performance, plus the benefits of class-leading handling and technology, we believe the Trident 660 is a real milestone in the category, and introduces the Triumph brand and the advantages of a triple engine to a whole new generation of riders across the world.”

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