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Today is National Dessert Day…..I hear you shout hurray, there actually is such a day.
Here at the National Motorcycle Museum, we are renowned not only for our fabulous onsite Café, with its array of sweet treats, but also for the wonderful catering at our National Conference Centre.
NMM Food12100
Today is the day to hero our great pastry chefs and take a look at some of the incredible desserts they have created for our clients… event organisers often tell us they find “which dessert to opt for” one of the hardest decisions to make when planning events with us! Luckily we offer full menu tastings so a few can be sampled before having to decide but sometimes that makes it harder to narrow down the choices.
NMM Food12022
Which would you choose?
If you have a favourite sweet extravagance that you think should feature on our menus let us know in the comments and the chefs can start to get creative.
We’re off to munch on a classic lemon tart now but hope that you enjoy National Dessert Day from all of us at the National Motorcycle Museum & Conference Centre!!
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