Location, Location, Location


Location, Location, Location is a Channel 4 property programme, presented by Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer….. it is also the primary and most important consideration to be made when searching for an event venue.


Every event planner knows that where they choose to host a meeting or conference is every bit as important as the event itself. Ask anyone who’s ever been involved with the event industry and they’ll tell you as much. If you don’t have a great location, then nothing else matters.


While there are certainly other factors that come into play like technology, capacity and layout, the region in which your venue is situated is by and large the biggest deciding factor in how many guests you’re going to get at an event.


The closer your venue is to any major transportation links – the better. There are a few reasons for this, but it’s primarily related to transportation costs. Having your venue close to an airport will make it significantly easier for international guests to get there, while a venue located on a major train line means people from all over the city can easily make their way to the conference floor. #BirminghamInternationalAirport #BirminghamInternationalStation #BringonHS2 #M42 #M6 #M40 #M5 #M1


There’s a lot that goes into selecting a venue. You need one with the right technology, one that matches your budget and one with the proper capacity. Most important, however, is choosing one that’s located in the right spot. #Weare


So whether you are Team Kirstie and fancy the knock a wall down approach or are more of a Team Phil and relocate person, you have to become a member of Team National Conference Centre and let our conference, meetings & events professionals help take the hassle out of planning your next event? Call us today on 0121 704 2784.

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