National Motorcycle Museum Relics!

Bob Badland, our volunteer coordinator has been presented with the VMCC Banbury Runs “Arthur Mortimer Shield” which he accepted on behalf of the National Motorcycle Museum for the museum’s BSA Brighton Taxi Combo that he rode at this year’s Banbury Run.


The award goes to the entrant of the combination or three – wheeler that in the opinion of the judges, is in the best condition having special regard to the original specification and to any accessories fitted.
Thanks go to Dave Whitehead and Geoff Ansell from the Midland Section who made, welded, repaired and replaced parts of this 99 year old machine enabling Bob to take his place within the 7 man Banbury team known as the National Motorcycle Museum Relics (the Riders not their machines)!

The museum team members were Andrew Walsh (BSA Junior), Nigel Lane (Scott), Martin Bouchard (Raleigh), Wali Taylor (Ariel), Bob Badland on the 1924 BSA Taxi Combo, Neil Davis (Royal Enfield) and Tony Brinkworth (Scott).

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