Classic Motorcycle Electrics Manual (Hardcover)


Classic Motorcycle Electrics Manual (Hardcover)

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Even the most hands-on classic bike enthusiasts will often shy away from working on their bike’s electrical system, believing they have neither the skill nor the knowledge for such work. Dr James Smith explains in Classic Motorcycle Electrics Manual that this need not be the case. Starting with basic electrical theory, the book demonstrates a wealth of electrical tips and techniques, providing a progressive and detailed guide to tasks ranging from simple and upgrades, through to completely rewiring a classic motorcycle.

The book covers:

• Basic electrical theory

• Correct usage of a multimeter

• Comprehensive fault-finding techniques

• Making good electrical connections

• Fuses and circuit protection

• Dynamo and alternator charging systems

• Correct battery selection and maintenance

• Improving existing lighting and installing modern LEDs

• Selecting the right spark plug

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