Overland to India Hard Back


Overland to India Hard Back

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An 8400 Mile Adventure on a 55-year-old Motorcycle by Gordon G. May A total of 8,400 miles from Manchester, UK to Chennai, India, in just under seven weeks. A challenge for most vehicles, but on an antiquated 1953 Royal Enfield …. Your bike belongs in a museum, not on the road, was how one doubter tried to discourage Gordon from undertaking this journey. Despite intense heat in excess 40C, a crash in the Baluchistan desert and some of the worst roads and driving standards on the planet, Gordon's old Bullet did indeed make it triumphantly to Chennai.

In his new book, Gordon describes in detail the restoration of his motorcycle and the build up to departure, the larger-than-life characters he met and the many challenges he faced. He also recounts the most personal highs and lows of life on the road. Above all, Overland To India is a heartwarming book that illustrates human kindness and hospitality and encourages other riders to take their own motorcycles on a long-distance journey.

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