The Kawasaki Story (Hardcover)


The Kawasaki Story (Hardcover)

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The Kawasaki Story Ian Falloon Haynes
Kawasaki Story: Racing and Production Models from 1963 to the Present Day by Scott Russell and Ian Falloon

Although Japans smallest motorcycle manufacturer, Kawasaki can lay legitimate claim to having created some of the truly classic Japanese bikes. From the Mach III H1 of 1969, all the way through to the ZX-12R of today, they have constantly redefined performance parameters, and in the 900cc Z1 of 1972 produced what is arguably the most influential Superbike of all time. From the launch of the first Kawasaki motorcycle in 1963 to the models of today, this book tells the complete story of the technical evolution and racing achievements behind this outstanding breed of motorcycle.

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