Worlds Fastest Motorcycle (Hardcover)


Worlds Fastest Motorcycle (Hardcover)

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Worlds Fastest Motorcycles: The Day the Bonneville Salt Stood Still by John Stein

The 2006 International Speed Trials by BUB was the most historic motorcycle event ever at the Bonneville Salt Flats, and is captured in this fascinating new hardcover book complete with DVD by John Stein. By any measure, conditions for the motorcycle land speed record attempts in September 2006 were the best they had been in years. The temperature was ideal. The course had 11 magnificent miles of salt on which to run and the three fastest streamliners in the world were there. It was a perfect storm for a record to be broken, and it was. The record, in fact, would be broken one day, re-broken two days later, and then broken again two days after that with a new top speed of 350 mph.

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