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Motorcycle Manuals & Technical Literature

The National Motorcycle Museum in conjunction with Bruce Main Smith Ltd, specialise in producing black and white photocopy sets of Villiers Technical literature that is no longer in print.

We have available all of the literature you may need to keep your classic Villiers motorcycle in the best condition. These include Villiers Worksop Manuals, Villiers Illustrated Spare Parts Lists, Villiers Instruction Books and many others.


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Villers Workshop Manuals

The Villiers Workshop Manual is extremely useful whether you are a seasoned expert at restoring and maintaining classic motorcycles or a first-time novice motorcycle enthusiast. The Workshop Manual is broken down into the main operating components of the motorcycle in the order in which they would have been assembled in the factory. This makes it a very logical and easy to understand guide to help in diagnosing faults or making repairs to the Villiers motorcycle.

The Villiers Workshop Manuals are available to purchase from the National Motorcycle Museum online shop. With Workshop Manuals from many different years of manufacture available as black and white photocopy sets.


Villers Instruction Manuals

The Villiers Instruction Manuals are designed to provide all the information needed to ensure the Villiers motorcycle is kept in top condition. Featuring all the technical data needed for general maintenance and operating instructions for the day to day running of the Villiers motorcycle.

The Villiers Instruction Manual is written in a way that it is useful regardless of whether you are an amateur motorcycle owner or a seasoned professional. Written in a logical format, it is an essential addition to any Villiers motorcycle owner’s collection.


Villers Illustrated Spare Parts Lists

The Villiers Illustrated Spare Parts list is invaluable for helping to determine which parts are needed when refurbishing or repairing a Villiers motorcycle. Combined with the Workshop Manuals, they are the go-to guides when trying to diagnose any problems with the motorcycle and decide which parts may need replacing. This would then save the expense of replacing unnecessary parts.

You can purchase; black & white photocopy sets of the Villiers Spare Parts lists available for many different years of manufacture from the National Motorcycle Museum online shop.


Villers Sales Catalogues

The Villiers Sales Catalogues were produced annually highlighting the models of motorcycle being released in the upcoming year. This included technical data for each motorcycle, any new features and usually the price.

The Villiers Sales Catalogues also included details of any sidecars available. The Sales Catalogues were initially distributed to dealerships, but they are a great piece of history when looking into the background of the classic motorcycle.


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