A Message from our friends at Team Ogri

Well now, lads and lasses. First of all, apologies for the long silence. Been a bit busy, like. But at last, you are about to find out why, how, and what with!!

First up, don’t forget we’ll be at the National Motorcycle Museum on Saturday, for their annual free admission ‘Museum Live’ event, with 24 of the spare room originals on display for you to peer at up close. They are blooming marvellous, so don’t miss it if you can get over to Brummagem on the day. Forget the rugby. These beautiful artworks are more exciting. Serious.

SECOND OF ALL…..(But really first)


The new book is ready to go – lustrously lustrous but made to a price – and to an envelope, no less. And with the discount code THEGREATEST01 entered as you go through the checkout, I think you’ll agree that I really am truly great. For thou, oh mailing list VIP, shalt inherit a 20% discount on as many copies as you care to buy, and yea verily thou shalt get hold of a copy of ‘Everybody’s Favourite – the 150 Greatest Ever Ogri Strips’ for a meagre £19.99. Such a massive bargain we’re paying you to cart them off, near as dammit…

Also have a look below for the lastest thing we have to tell you for now. It’s damn near as exciting as the book! Only officially about 12.5% as exciting, however, due to the smaller number of strips.


Yes! We’ve done you the ‘Ogri 2020 and Forever’ calendar, a luscious A3 wall-mounted production featuring twelve strips from over the years. If you like it, we’ll keep on doing them – each month is labelled with the original publication date as well as the month to which it refers. Smart!! And only £12.50 including UK p&p! WOW!


And as if that little lot isn’t enough, there will be more news along next week!

In the meantime, enjoy all that pumpkin yer going to be eating while you watch the hollow carcass of the otherwise wasted fruit decomposing outside on the front wall…DELICIOUS!

Catch ya later and cheery-bye for now!

The exhausted human minions of the Great And All-Powerful Mr Ogri Sir, Ruler of the Known Universe.*

*Official title. Please ensure you use the correct form of address in all communications going forward. Thanking you in advance. Muchly!

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