1968 Barry Sheene Bultaco TSS 250 Race Bike For Sale with H&H Classics for £25k – £35k at the NMM, Nov 14th 2020.

This 1968 Barry Sheene Bultaco TSS 250 race bike which Barry Sheene campaigned in the 1960s is for sale with H&H Classics on Nov 14th at the NMM for an estimate of £25,000 to £35,000. He used this bike in his first season racing as a novice, so this Bultaco was in at the start of the Sheene legend.
Mark Bryan of H&H Motorcycle Department says: “Given its provenance and racing history with Barry Sheene this is a very collectable motorbike. He is much loved and still vividly remembered everywhere in the motorcycle community and beyond.”
James Hewing Director at The National Motorcycle Museum says “A very important piece of bike racing history and will be amazing to see it sell at the November sale”.
Sheene Bultaco 042 1967
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