Museum LIVE Race Machine “Start Up” Feature

Another great attraction at our Museum LIVE open weekend on Sat 29/Sun 30 October is our LIVE “Start Up” feature!
On both days of the event, Steve Plater will host the starting of over a dozen famous race/special machines with their owners/creators giving an in depth commentary on each individual bike.
Here’s a bit of an overview to whet your appetite:
Honda Six and MV Agusta: Hear them fired up in unison!
When Ernst Degner defected from East Germany in 1961, bringing with him the secrets of Walter Kaaden’s 2 stroke tuning at MZ,and made these secrets available to Japanese and European manufacturers, GP racing was destined to be 2 stroke powered. Same capacity twice the power!!
Yamaha, Suzuki, Tohatsu, Kawasaki, Bridgstone, Rotax and Villiers all piled into GP racing with 2strokes, and yet it was 1975 before all classes were won by 2strokes. Why was this?
The answer is that two manufacturers believed in 4strokes, Honda and MV Agusta. Both made and sold only 4 strokes and their determination and ingenuity kept the 2 stroke tide at bay for more than a decade. They went about it in different ways however!
Honda threw money at developing progressively more complicated multi-cylinder engines giving higher and higher rev limits and thus more power. The end result was the incredible RC166 six cylinder 250cc and this bike in Mike Hailwood’s hands was almost unbeatable.
MV went in a diffe
rent direction….lighter, narrower, more agile and ultra-reliable. From 1965 till 1974 these bikes were dominant in the larger classes in the hands of Giacomo Agostini and Phil Read.
Beautiful examples of each of these iconic machines will be fired up on stage at the same time at Museum Live 2022.
Plus, you won’t only see these fabulous winners & hear their full stories, you will also hear them running at near max revs!!
Taking place indoors in the warmth of the NMM Britannia Suite on the ‘Live Stage’, this aural treat will also feature genius special builder ALLEN MILLYARD who will be firing up his stunning motorcycle creation Viper V10 with its 8 litre Dodge Viper engine producing 500 BHP!
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