100 Years of Motorcycling DVD


100 Years of Motorcycling DVD

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100 Years of Motorcycling DVD
Over the last 100 years the world has changed more than any other time before. The invention of the motor has made a huge difference to our lives in so many ways. We pay tribute to the humble motorcycle that has gone from a bicycle with a motor bolted on, into a fantastic, fast, sleek, futuristic and reliable piece of 21st century art.

But it was not always like that, come with us to see some of the most famous names in motorcycling history, all gathered in one place. Taylors Motorcycles in Somerset was the setting for a get together for 200 of the rarest and exciting vintage and classic motorcycles on the road today. All working, all being ridden, and still cherished by their owners. Our presenter, Gerry Burr, had the time of his life at the very first Taylors 100 years of motorcycling ever.

So kick her over, wind her up and feel the wind in your hair as we motor back in time to see 100 years of motorcycling.

96209 – Region 0 – COLOUR – PAL
Running Time: approx. 55mins

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