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That’s a Wrap on Another Museum Live!

Wow, what an eventful weekend! 🏍️💨 It’s clear from the outpour of love and support that #MuseumLive was a roaring success. This was our BEST one yet and we’re absolutely buzzing with the feedback!
It sounds like you all had as much of a blast as we did, and for that, we are super thrilled! We are already gearing up for Museum Live in October 2024 – expect it to be even bigger and better. Watch this space!
To give everyone a glimpse of the magic, here’s a heartfelt email and photo we received:
“Thank you immensely for the phenomenal day at the Museum Live Event. Our fourth time attending, and it’s always as entertaining and exciting as the first!
A shoutout to Christina for capturing our memorable moment with Henry, Allen, Guy, Fuzz, and Steve. That photo means the world to us! We’re eager for next year’s event!
Kind regards,
Glyn and Neil Mumby”

See you all next year!!


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