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The 1000th “PENGUIN” Flies Out of the Nest


Frank Melling’s latest book, “A Penguin in a Sparrow’s Nest”, has been an instant success since its launch and the 1,000th copy was sold just before Christmas. Sales of this number are unheard of for a self-published book.

Frank said: “Penguin” was rejected by a number of mainstream publishers so my wife and I are particularly delighted with the sales. The book has struck a real chord with readers, not only motorcyclists but also the general public.

“The fact that it’s the story of a very ordinary person ricocheting through life from one near disaster to another, but always coming out with a smile at the other end of the battle, resonates with a lot of people.

“History is usually told through the eyes of the generals and Presidents, not the ordinary foot soldiers struggling through life’s mud, and so “Penguin” gives a very different view of the world.

“Motorcycles are, quite rightly, everywhere in the book but “Penguin” is a story of life with bikes – not biking life.”

“Sales are continuing very strongly even after Christmas and so we’re getting ready for a re-print in the Spring.”

Available to purchase on-line from the National Motorcycle Museum

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