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Dirt Biking Dvd

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If there is one place in the world to ride a dirt bike it has to be New Zealand.

Presenter Henry Cole has ridden on roads for over 30 years but in this brand new series Henry fulfils a long time dream to learn how to ride a dirt bike.

As well as riding some of New Zealands most beautiful trails Henry explores all facets of what’s on offer in the magical wilderness of New Zealand’s South Island.  Henry trieshis luck at herding sheep on his KTM, rides around Mount Cook. gets ataste for jet boating and drives the biggest school bus in the world. But as well as motorized adrenaline, Henry goes hellibiking-getting dropped off by Helicopter to descent a 14 mile mountain trail on a bicycle.

But life on the dirt road is not just abour riding;it’s also about the places you stay and the people your meet. Henry relishes the luxury of the best hotels, survives a night in a derelict fishing hut,ends up in hospital and revels in the vibrancy of Queenstown.

And to end his journey of discovery there’s no better place to ride a dirt bike that Oreti Beach in Invercargill;the ssame beach used by “The Fastest Indian” Burt Monroe to test his bikes.

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