Riding The American Dream


Riding The American Dream

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America is surely the birthplace of motorcycling mythology and iconic imagery. For a biker who seeks the true definition of two wheeled freedom there is nowhere in the world quite like riding in AMerica. It's not just the seemingly endless choice of roads.landscapes and climates that thrill it's all about being part of an thos.a history and a culture thatriding here etches on your soul.

In this one hour special presenter Henry Cole reflects on the highlights of riding some 30,000 miles across the length and breadth of America. The highs,the lows,the trialsand tribulations of traversing this huge country aboard a vast array of the most radical American Choppers. Highlights include the best parts of Route 66, Theisolation and quite unbelievable scenery of Death Valley, the nightmare of riding through tropical storms and torrential rainon a chop with no mudguard inFlorida, the unsurpassable beauty of Yellowstone National Park and the true adventure and real lonliness you feel riding the AMerican deserts.

There's also an exclusive interview with the king of Custom bike building, Eddie Trotter in Fort Lauredaleand features on the vibrantcity of Miami,the best hotels and how to survive the dangers of riding throught New York and Los Angeles not to mention the host of characters who Henry meets all along the thousands of miles of AMerica's highways.

All this complete with an in depth look at ow you too can ride the American Dream yourself.

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