Riding U.S. Route 1 Americas East Coast


Riding U.S. Route 1 Americas East Coast

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Presenter Henry Cole embarks on one of America’s most gruelling rides on America’s east coast riding some 2100 miles from Boston in the North East to Key West Florida, the most southern point in America following the legendary US Route 1.

For this trip Henry has chosen to ride open  for the most radical semi custom choppers in production, a Saxon Crown, with no front mudguard, little suspension and a poor excuse for a seat-the world famous potholes of New York and the tropical rain of Florida will really test him and this beast of a bike to the limit.

Henry starts this rode oa a lifetime reflecting on the culture and history of Boston before heading off down US 1 into New York,a ride not for the faint hearted.  After  combating the frentism, weather and heinous trafficof NewYork Henry rides south through Philadelphia and Washington DC, before heading into the subline sun drenched riding offered up by the states of North and South Carolina.

Henry soon leaves South Carolina and crosses the state line into Georgia revealing in a little light relief offered up by the Laurel and Hardy  convention in Harlem, but the satire  is short lived as the weather closes in heading into Florida with torrential tropical storms, not the best thing on a custom chop and with a lot of night riding ahead. Henry eventually arrives in Jacksonville Florida for a spot of line dancing and to briefly dry out. Then its southwards through Ft Lauderdale to Miami and finally on down some two hundred miles to journey’s end in Key West.

Will this prove to be one of America’s greatest motorcycle rides or one huge adventure not to be repeated?

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